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SmartGlutton Street Cleaner

The Glutton is a self propelled urban vacuum litter collector with electric transmission. This project aims to design auxiliary instrumentation to be added to a commercial Glutton street vacuum cleaner effectively turning it into an IoT device. A companion website will provide route visualisations and key data to the operators and managers of the Glutton vacuum cleaner at UQ.

The Glutton used by UQ.

Our project may eventually be made available to third parties outside of UQ but will initially be designed in collaboration with UQ Properties and Facilities (P&F) for use within UQ. The IoT device will track the movement of the Glutton via GPS, along with the fill level of the bin and other readings. This information will be communicated over LoRaWAN to a UQ cloud server. Our web app will display this data in near realtime showing not only the fill level of the Glutton but also highlighting litter hotspots to allow the operator and management to make informed decisions about when and where to deploy the Glutton on campus maximising it's use and causing minimal disruption to pedestrian traffic.

The Glutton used by the Brisbane City Council.

The Glutton will also be fitted with a bin fill level indicator display as this information is currently unavailable to the operator.

This project is being undertaken by William Forster for the P&F division at UQ under the supervision of Dr Alex Pudmenzky.

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