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OBD-II Tracker

This device plugs into a user's car to monitor dozens of different sensory outputs, including speed, engine load, fuel level and location. This device will be installed in a UQ Mailroom vehicle in order to assist with diagnostics and resource delegation

The physical device, including port for connection to vehicle

The Tracker will automatically detect known Wi-Fi networks, and will upload data that it has gathered to a database. A user can then pull up this information from any device via the Tracker's web application

A screenshot of a theoretical journey taken between the UQ and Toowong

The web application gives the user a large degree of control over how they want to view their data, and is integrated with Google Maps for ease of use. Users can compare journeys and track vehicles in real time, to help to diagnose problems early.

This project is being undertaken by UQ ITEE student Patrick Walters under the supervision of Dr Alex Pudmenzky.

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