UQ SmartSport


Smart Electronic Gym

The Smart Sport project is supported by UQ Sport as an industry client to turn fitness studios into a smart electronic gym.

The gym is able to recognize its visitors, recall past performance data, adjust exercises/programs accordingly and provide a fun and entertaining gym experience for all ages.

Some of the technologies that have been used to achieve this include:

Prototype of the Interactive Tiling System

The project is being supervised by Dr Alex Pudmenzky and is being undertaken by a group of 8 UQ engineering students:

  1. Matthew Beevers
  2. Kallum Lee
  3. Benjamin Du
  4. Johanna Cisneros
  5. Tien Vinh Truong
  6. Rabia Asfand Yar
  7. Jared Sharplin
  8. Mankaran Marok

UQ SmartSport