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Teaching sustainable behaviour

The SmartWormfarm is an educational worm farm that is monitored and controlled by a microprocessor and associated web-app. The project is developed in collaboration with UQ Properties and Facilities and the Campus Kindergarten. The aim is to develop an educational and fun tool for children to teach the benefits of sustainable behaviour.

Temperature and humidity sensors will be monitoring the air and soil parameters for study purposes and to control the watering system in order to maintain favourable conditions for the worms. The farm will also be fitted with an infrared camera that will take timelapse photos of the worms processing the food. The images and graphs of the environmental data will be accessible from the web-app to be developed. Power will be supplied by a small solar panel array to make the project self sufficient and sustainable.

Smart Wormfarm
The worm farm at the campus kindy to be fitted with monitoring instrumentation.

This project is being undertaken by UQ ITEE student Chengcheng Tan under the supervision of Dr Alex Pudmenzky.

UQ SmartCampus