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Smart Worm Farm

Smart Worm Farm is an Internet of Things(IoT) connected worm farm. The worm farm is a thesis project run in the UQ EAIT Faculty in collaboration with the UQ P&F and the Campus Kindergarten. The aim is to investigate ways the IoT can benefit sustainable projects and education of sustainability.


Infrared Imaging

The farm will be fitted with an infra-red sensitive camera that will take a photo every hour. These will be accessable from the pictures page of this site.

Temperature and Humidy Sensor

The Farm will be fitted with temperature and humidity sensors that will be used by the watering system and the data will be stored for study use.

Automated Watering

The Farm will be capable of maintaining its moisture level. Usual this would be done regularly by hand but the farm has a supply system that will automatically top up water levels if they are low.

Solar Powered

The farm will be powered by a small solar panel array to make the project mostly self suffienct and sustainable. bin

This project is being undertaken by UQ ITEE student Jack Nottle under the supervision of Dr Alex Pudmenzky.

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